Hula Me Hawaii will introduce you to the beautiful art of the hula. We believe that learning the hula is an opportunity to embrace this Hawaiian tradition while creating memories that will be with you forever.

We take a personal approach at guiding each person through their discovery. This means that every lesson is unique. From location to song choice, our professional instructors can craft the hula experience to be well suited for you.


Hula Me

Our focus is entirely on you. With one on one attention, you’ll enjoy a fun filled lesson planned around your own skill level. Receive immediate feedback on your progress and advice on proper form. We’re confident you’ll leave inspired to work towards a greater goal and feel a bit more graceful than before.

Hula Me + Ohana

Enjoy learning and dancing the hula with family or friends. Together, you’ll learn hula steps, song interpretation and step by step instruction of hands, feet and hips. Dance, laugh and share these memories with one another – you’ll be moving and swaying together for years to come.

The Hula Me Moment

Surprise your groom on that momentous day with the lovely gift of hula. Grace an upcoming event or celebration with the personal hawaiian touch of dance. What ever the occasion, a hula from you to your guests or guest of honor, will be a priceless addition that will be forever treasured. We will help you through the process, from choosing the perfect song, to choreographing the steps and teaching you every move – you’ll discover that the perfect gift, will not always fit in a box.