My love for dancing the hula goes back over thirty years. As a young girl growing up in Hawaii, I recall being curious about the hula and had dreams of one day becoming a dancer. Surrounded by the iconic images of beautiful long hair, swaying hips and graceful hands, my desire continued to grow and I enrolled in my first hula lesson at age 5.

Since then, my aspiration of becoming a dancer eventually became a reality. Blessed with the opportunity to dance for numerous kumus (hula teachers), I acquired a lot of valuable insight from each one along the way. This wisdom helped to shape me as a dancer and instilled the values in which I would later teach. Dancing the hula is not always about how graceful you are, how many songs are in your repertoire, or even how skilled you are to compete. More importantly, it’s about having a desire to learn and a genuine love for the hula that releases the dancer inside of us.

{ And with this passion, Hula Me Hawaii began. }

Lynn is a Hula Instructor and Choreographer that specializes in creating unique hulas for individuals and small groups. As a former Elementary School Teacher and Alaka‘i (assistant) of Hula Halau ‘O Kauinohea, she exercises her strong technical skills with a gentle hands on approach to cultivate others to hula at any skill level.

Lynn has instructed and choreographed for the past eleven years. Working with both adults and children, she has created hundreds of hulas for her halau, private parties, special occasions and children’s productions. She continues to receive many inquiries to either dance for an event or choreograph a hula for someone interested in learning.

Lynn pursues this passion by sharing her talents with the visitors of Hawaii. With individualized attention in a relaxed atmosphere, she is dedicated in seeing her clients learn and leave fulfilled by reaching their personal goals. Find new meaning and a heartfelt connection with the image of hula. Discover, learn, experience, dance.

Did someone say Hula Me?